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Full of Joy?

girl in a pig pen carrying a sheep filled with joy

A while back, I spoke at a women's retreat on Joy. There were so many ways to go with this sharing opportunity, and as I look at the picture on the left, this little girl has so much joy. She is free without a care in the world.

You might think that this little girl doesn't have to work, clean the house and so, yes, she is free without a care in the world. But her way of being, her submission to being present and enjoying every minute is what God wants for each of us. It's up to us to let go and just be.

After this retreat, my husband and I went to a home and garden show and someone there asked me, "Your energy is so good, what's going on?" I said, "Jesus is why we are full of joy! He set us free!" The gentleman didn't know what to say and I think I shocked him. But what I said was and is true. God sent Jesus to set us free from the condemnation of our sin and set us free from the bondage our sin nature has over us. GOOD NEWS, INDEED!

When I think of all that God has done for me, how He has touched my life and changed me, it brings me exceedingly abundant joy! And He can change you, too, if you allow Him. Be like the little girl in the above picture. Thoroughly and joyfully present, in the moment with nature and a lamb. Free. Just ask Him to free you and allow Him to do so within you. Read His word, meditate on it. You will be surprised at how purposefully reading the bible will begin to change you from the inside out and fill you with joy without you trying to get it!

Psalm 19:8 (NIV)

8 The precepts [teachings] of the Lord are right,    

giving joy to the heart.

The commands of the Lord are radiant,    

giving light to the eyes.

In His Service,



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