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Have You Found Your Purpose? Writing a life philosophy can help you find and live your purpose.

bridge showing getting from one side to the other

John C. Maxwell writes, in his book, Intentional Living, "Most people want to hear or tell a good story. But they don't realize that they can and should be the good story. That requires intentional living. It is the bridge that crosses the gap to a life that matters."

I just finished reading John Maxwell's book and it moved me spiritually, and emotionally in my gut, and caused such a stir in my heart that I had to journal. This book made me question just how intentional I have been living my life. Looking at how much time I have left, I'm evaluating how intentional I am in living out the rest of this time! If I want to live a life of legacy, what am I sowing? What kind of legacy am I leaving?

Psalm 90:12 says, "So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." This teaches me that my days are numbered and to be careful about what I do with each of them. I'm to ask and look for wisdom in what way to go. What purpose to have and what to do. I don't know when a day will be my last and I have found myself not living my life with this thought driving my days. I think I have a lot of time, but do I? I don't know when God will call me home but get to do what I'm to do until then. I've awoken to the fact that I want every single day of the rest of my life to be intentional and count towards my legacy in others.

Chuck Smith Sr. and his sermon notes about Psalm 90:12 can be found here: This link calls out that many have plans and schemes that only include this life. No eternal mindset at all. He says that we need to be conscious of our limited time and plan the eternal into our lives.

The only eternal thing that I know of that lasts, is love. I know that I am made to "BE" love and the question then arose in my mind, how am I loving? What kind of impact am I having on other's lives? Is this impact positive or negative? And what do I feel that I was made to do? What makes my heart sing?

In John C. Maxwell's book mentioned above, there are areas to write down how I was going to apply what I was learning. He asked me to look at what I have to offer others and to identify my "sweet spot" (that area that makes my heart sing and that I'm good at). I got tears as I read his words and have tears now, writing this. My heart, my "sweet spot" is to work with others in such a way, that we are both better for working together and we are both transformed. Being a transformational leader with and for others is my heart's desire. It's my desire because I care. I care deeply that NO ONE dies without living out their God-given, God-ordained purpose in life and I aim to point them to Him, the author, and finisher of their faith.

In one of our rooms in my home, I have my life philosophy, written in 1992, hanging up which pushes me toward my purpose. This life philosophy helps me evaluate what I'm involving myself in and if it doesn't line up with what I believe and want my life to show, I don't get involved. Reading it often supports me living intentionally towards my purpose and I want to encourage you to dig deep and write your life philosophy. Here is mine as an example and can also be found in the A Way of Life: Kingdom Principles for Living Victoriously book series:

I believe that God created all things. I believe that Jesus won the

battle over Satan when He died on the cross and rose from the dead

with the resultant breaking of the bondage to sin for those who

believe. Because of this belief, I will to live my life under God's

protection and provision and live as His Spirit teaches me, in power,

freedom, and joy as His child--a child of the King, called to

excellence as his ambassador, not perfection. Only He is perfect.

Because of this, I want my life to show:

1. That I care for people above all else

2. Joy, peace, and freedom

3. Depth of character

I will accomplish what I want my life to show by:

1. Accepting the responsibility for my choices and life and

that what happens or doesn't happen is up to me

2. Train myself to stop and actively listen when others speak

3. Staying repentant and having an attitude of, "not my will but

Yours be done"

4. Accept beneficial as well as adverse circumstances, knowing

that what touches me is only what has been allowed by my

Creator and Father

5. Seek to learn from the error of my ways

6. Enjoy and rejoice in what God originally gave us to rule and subdue

7. Studying and obeying God's Word first and foremost

As I look back on what I originally wrote in 1992 and what has transpired since then, I have done and lived a lot of the above. But there is so much more! I am lacking in daily intentionality as I haven't created the ongoing habit of being that way. Yes, I am intentional about getting done what I need to get done (tasks). But I'm not intentionally and purposefully supporting others in living out their purpose and making sure I create a POSITIVE impact in their lives. Even if it's just one word of encouragement as we ALL need encouragement and someone to believe in us!

Intentional living is my bridge to a life that matters.

So, today matters. I have decided to live intentionally and to purposely show that I care about people above all else. Therefore, my word for this year is caring. (I chose a word to live up to throughout the year, every year)

What about you? Have you written a life philosophy? It doesn't matter what it looks like; just that it comes from your heart, and I want to encourage you to get it up and out of your heart onto paper. Start with your beliefs as that is what drives your actions. It will become clearer to you as you write it down.

Have you found your purpose? What makes your heart sing? If you don't know, seek Him who will be found if you keep seeking, knocking, and asking (Matthew 7:7). He promises that you WILL find Him.

Above all else, enjoy the journey!



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