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Launch Out!

An excerpt taken from Come Away My Beloved, by Frances Roberts.

rocket launching with lots of smoke

God says to His people; You have touched only the fringes. You are lingering on the shorelines. Launch Out! Launch Out with the vastness of My love and mercy, My mighty power and limitless resources.

I have so much for you; walk by faith upon the waters. Let go of your doubts forever and your thoughts of self-preservation.... forever cast them away. I will carry you. I will sustain you by My power in the ways that I have chosen and ready for you.  

Don't even take a step as you are not able, in your power. But My arm will hold you up and the power of My spirit will bear you up.  Walk upon the water and when the storm comes, it will get you more quickly to port!  You don't need a chart or compass. My Spirit will direct you. Believe and do not fear.

Are you willing to Launch Out?

The above speaks to me. It's calling me to set my sails to His winds and let Him take me where He already has ordained for me to go!  If I go with the flow, then I will know where that is! I choose today to go with the flow so I will then know.  What is your choice?

Enjoy the Journey,



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