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Responding to the Spirit and Surrendering

dove amidst blue and yellow light

After I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and understood justification (in justification, God declares sinners righteous in His sight), God's Holy Spirit began to show me the error of my ways. I had a choice to accept and face the reality of myself head-on, or I could keep on going in denial and stay in bondage. As Jesus came to set the captives free, I wanted desperately to be free. Free from caring what others thought, free from feeling less than others, and that my thoughts and desires didn't matter.

I learned that God is a gentleman and would not force me to deal with anything I didn't want to face. He created me, He knew how to move me step by step by step towards transforming me from the inside out.

I learned that responding to the Spirit and surrendering is what I get to do. Surrendering

to the truth the Holy Spirit was desperately attempting to show me. To look and to listen. As I surrendered to the truth of who and what I was doing that was great and not so great, and talked to God about these truths, He changed me oh so gently from the inside out.

What I was trying to be on the outside I couldn't do in my strength but now with God transforming me, I was becoming so on the inside!  As this was happening, what started coming out of me was then authentic, genuine, and congruent!  So, the word for today is Surrender. Surrender to God's Holy Spirit and may He guide you as He continues to guide me, today!

Enjoy Your Journey,



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