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Who is the Holy Spirit? The Ultimate Power Against Evil & for Good

a flying dove with rays depicting power coming from above
Symbol of the Holy Spirit

In the Star Wars saga, the war against good and evil is extremely evident. On one side is the "good" side, called the Force. On the other side is the "dark" side which is evil. There is a call on the dark side to all who will hear to succumb to the pull of power, anger, death and destruction. The evil force is so strong that it separates families, friends, and even those in power.

In the movie, the good force is portrayed as being a counselor, one who guides, leads to knowledge and gives power to do and stand for good. This force is also portrayed as one who comes alongside you. This is very similar though pales when compared to God, in the person of the Holy Spirit, who is the ultimate power and is a counselor, knowledge, and wisdom giver and who can be in you and come alongside you if you ask Him to!

Just to be clear, this post is about the Holy Spirit and not the good side of the force depicted in the movies. The dark side depicted in the movies, however, is the force of evil in the world, which is still present today. So, on one side is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and the other side consists of evil entities (demons). The Holy Spirit identifies what is good and works against evil.

The pitting of good against evil is as old as the ages and it still sells. Good against evil sells because we as humans want good to triumph over evil which gives us hope and makes us feel good when we see good triumph. We hope that our fellow humans and even ourselves can overcome the evil pull and do good. Be good.

And we are overcomers, with God's Holy Spirit's help. So, who is the Holy Spirit? He is the ultimate power against evil and is the third person of the Trinity (God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit). He is our counselor, revealer of truth, teacher, convictor of sin, knowledge and wisdom giver and who lives within us if we are followers of Jesus. Therefore, discover the power of the Holy Spirit in the battle of good against evil. Uncover the ultimate part of the Trinity that guides, empowers, and triumphs.

Learning who the Holy Spirit is and developing a relationship with Him is of utmost importance and the direction of our lives and our physical health depend on this relationship. If we apply what He says, our lives will be more at peace and so will we! The A Way of Life series teaches about the Holy Spirit and what He does in the world. Bottom line, ask Him to teach you about Himself and He will!

When I was learning of the Holy Spirit, I asked Him to show me that He was with me. After I did that, for the next two weeks, every time during the day that I thought of Him, I felt this pressure in my chest next to my heart. Like a pushing inside next to my sternum (and I don't have heart issues). Needless to say, I know that the Holy Spirit lives within me and is leading me and He can lead you, too!

Two great books to read that explain who the Holy Spirit is and what He does in us and in the world are The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit by R. A. Torry and True Spirituality by Francis A. Schaeffer.

In His Service,



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